Walking into her home. I felt centered and would walk so slowly as I walk towards her. The connection was so strong. Our connection was egoless, no thoughts. There was only the feeling of innocence and love. Stripped away of any concepts or thoughts. There was nothing in between us. There she was and there I was. No prerogatives, no plans, no thoughts, no worries, no fears. No distractions at all.

Freedom from self

Learn to lose your sense of self and fall into your body

Embodiment is key

Embodying our sexuality is the key to being able to truely enjoy your more intimate moments

Sexuality is at our inner most core

If you can master your sexuality, everything else will follow

About Us

The purpose of the Church of Sexual Embodiment is to take ourselves out of our minds and into our bodies, so that we may enjoy a more wholesome sexual experience. The intention of our practice is to increase our ability to connect, generate arousal, anticipation, and erotic feelings through energetic connection and the art of touch.

We accomplish this by fostering acceptance and inclusion as our core guiding principals so that we can more safely navigate this world and find what we are searching for.

The reason why we choose SF Bay Area as our headquarters is because The City has always been and always will be a haven for people to find themselves, a place for people to escape their opression and seek what is their definition of freedom.

Guiding Principles

  • Acceptance
  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Humility
  • Compassion

Code of Conduct


Many people advocate for holding an organization responsible for their actions and the events that happen in their lives. We don't pass the buck as they say and we expect others to behave the same. We need to realize our responsibility of choosing the right partners, explicitly setting our boundaries with them, and letting them know of any other pertinent information that they should know. If we do not perform our due dilligence then blaming others doesn't really make cents. Every time a bad event happens in my life, I think about what I could do better to ensure such an event does not happen in my life again. This is not to say that others are not responsible for their actions, although we ourselves will not grow if we do not focus on what we could do ourselves to ensure we do not put ourselves in a position where bad things happen in our lives. When people do bad things, I politely remind them that peoples actions reveal who they are as a person and if they continue to behave in such a manner then they will attract others who will behave the same. What we can do to ensure that bad things do not happen in our lives is to stay away from bad people, they will burn their bridges down and when they have no one else, they will burn their lives to the ground and I will not burn down with their inferno. This is a fact of life.


We as individuals need to express what we want AND what we don't want, otherwise we did not perform our due dilligence by not communicating pertinent information to our partner, just as much as our partner is at fault for not asking (although how would someone know everything they need to ask about someone else in order to know every boundary that the person has). A beautiful part of life is that we are able to learn, and grow together so that we may be whom we always wanted to be and to create the life we always wanted. Communication is an important tool to ensure that good things happen in the world. If we do not communicate all of our boundaries and any other pertinent information then we are engaging in play with someone who has not been fully informed and therefore how could they consent to playing in a scenario that they have not been fully informed of? I am no consent nazi, when miscommunication issues arise I use that opportunity to coach others as to how all parties can learn and grow.

Good Intentions

If we act with honor and good intentions, then our life tends to prosper. If an oopsie happens while both parties had good intentions and no one is injured, then people tend to forgive.

Moving Slowly

If we move slowly, it's pretty easy to see how people respond to our actions and movements. If you focus on peoples facial expression as you move your hand towards their arm, you can see whether they are feeling more happy or less happy. There is a thing called body language and they say that 70% of what we communicate is through our body language. We really dont need to directly provide verbal communication when we ask for consent as people's body language will tell us that yes or no. If we are unable to emotionally connect with people and communicate through body language then maybe certain things in life need to be worked on before one is ready to engage physically with others.